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May 2024

Family Breakfast

Thanks to all members of our Larkhall Community, who came out for our family breakfast on Wednesday morning. Over 600 people were served a selection of pancakes, sausages, fruit, yogurt, muffins, juice and tea or coffee. A big thank you to Rotary - St John's East for your kind monetary donation and for your members' time and talents. Thank you to our staff, who contributed muffins, stayed after school on Tuesday to set up and were here early Wednesday morning to cook and serve. Thank you to Ms. Kirby, our School Lunch Association staff member, who was here early to help then prepared her usual daily lunch for students. Thank you to school volunteers Mr. Gary Gordon and Mr. Randy Green, who went beyond soccer and chess to be here early to help out. Thanks as well to our  Big Brother’s Big Sister’s mentor and to our crossing guard, Mr Conway for helping prior to assuming his normal morning duties on Larkhall Street. Thanks to Sheldon Marsh, Director of Schools for Larkhall Academy and  members from NLSchools District Staff, Lynne Sheppard, Julie Valencourt, Dave Butt and Belinda Loader, who dropped by and helped serve and clean up. Thank you as well to LBJH Principal, Owen Matchim, NLTA President, Trent Langdon, Ward 4 Councilor, Tom Davis  and NDP Leader,  Mr. James Dinn, for joining us.  Finally thanks to our community partners, Starbucks Kenmount Road, and McDonald's Kenmount Road for your kind donations of coffee. 

50 / 50 Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Joan Croke who was the winner of our 50/50 Ticket Draw.  The winning ticket was drawn by  Mr. Robert Whittle, one of our parents who was in attendance at our family breakfast. Total prize pay out $6255. Congratulations to Addison Hayley for selling the winning ticket. 

School Development Family Surveys

School Development Surveys are conducted annually to gather feedback from students, staff, and parents/guardians to inform the school development process. The survey results are used along with other data to identify the school’s strengths and challenges. Your child’s school will then create and implement a plan to build on successes and address areas of challenge.

The survey is anonymous, which means that we cannot connect your survey responses to you. We encourage everyone to participate so that we have the most accurate representation of family perceptions at your school.

Please complete the survey by March 15th, 2024 by clicking on the following link:

If you do not have internet access contact your school.

June 2023

Recycling - Recap

A special thanks to all who participated in the recycling program this year!  This year, we collected over 38,000 recyclables! The top 20 recyclers of the school were rewarded with special prizes and the Grade 5 green team was given a pizza party to say thanks for all their work. Thanks especially to two of our parents, Ms. Evans (Jacob Smith's nan) and Ms. Walsh (Mason and Nolan's mom) for volunteering on Thursday mornings. Ms. Evans is retiring from volunteering after 6 years of faithful service to our school. A huge thanks to her for all the time she gave to our school. If any parents are interested in volunteering on Thursday morning from 8:30 - 9:00 next school year, please contact  Ms. S. Lee at:  

Time To Move - Message from Mr. Worthman

Time to Move is a school-wide initiative open to ALL members of our Larkhall family - students, siblings, parents/guardians, relatives, and staff. It is designed to maintain a sense of connection with our Larkhall families that is inclusive and requires very little time to complete. People can add to the total time as often as you like, and watch your minutes grow! Last year we recorded 605 entries...that's a lot of movement! As of now, we have received more than 900 entries and currently have 2 011 874 minutes exercised; that's the equivalent of exercising 1 397 consecutive days! Congratulations! Keep moving over the summer!!!

Busing - Courtesy Seating

Families requiring courtesy seating for the fall are encouraged to apply using the application attached to the Courtesy Seating Protocol  These stops will be decided in late September or early October. Please refer to the Courtesy Seating Protocol for details and how seats are allocated. Completed applications can be emailed to . We will send out reminders about this again at the start of the school year. 

Please Note: Courtesy Seats are assigned on a yearly basis. Having a courtesy seat this year is not a guarantee you will get one next year.  Spaces to assign courtesy seats will be determined once the NLESD determines routes and assigns all eligible riders who live outside of 1.6 km. 

School Lunch Program 

On behalf of the students and families of Larkhall Academy, we want to thank Mr. Scott Douglas for his past six years of service with the School Lunch Association here at Larkhall. Best of luck Scott with your future plans. You will be missed. 


We also want to say a big thank you and best of luck to the staff members who will be leaving us this year. Some were permanent teachers who have moved on to other opportunities while others were on replacement for this year. You have made a lasting impression on the students and families you have worked with this past year. 

50/50 Ticket Draw

Thank you to everyone who supported our 50/50 Fundraiser. The winning ticket was drawn after the school dance on Wednesday evening. The draw was conducted by School Council Chair, Darrell Durdle and Parent Representative Rita Stright. 

Congratulations to Patricia Michalchuk who won $2050.00.  Winning Ticket Number 02182.

Neighbourhood Recycling Blitz.

What a wonderful showing of support for our school's  Neighbourhood Recycling Blitz on Saturday morning, June 3!  A huge thanks to all of those who drove by or walked to drop off their recycling. We collected almost 6000 items! We connected with parents, grandparents, neighbours, university students and more. Roary the Lion was very busy posing for pictures and welcoming everyone. A special thanks to our parent and teacher recycling leaders who work together weekly - Mrs. Carol Evans (grandparent), Mrs. Shandee Walsh (parent) and Ms.Susan Lee (teacher). Thanks as well to parent/grandparent Mr. Ryan and Roy Griffin for their help at the Blitz and to the students who helped as well! 

Evergreen Recycling is accepting recycling for Larkhall all year round at their drop off kiosk locations throughout the city. Our school registration number is the last four digits of our school phone number - 7012  Please feel free to drop off your recyclables anytime at any Evergreen depot. Thank you!

Sensitive or Difficult Conversations with Children

Each day our children encounter many topics that may cause them stress and anxiety. These messages come from a variety of sources, such as social media, friends, television or simply overhearing conversations in the community that they don’t understand. They may come to you with questions that you may feel unsure how to proceed.

To assist you with this, Ms. Castella has compiled a list of some resources you may find useful.

March 2023

School Wide Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Initiative

As part of our monthly School Wide SEL initiatives, our Guidance Counsellor, Ms. Castella registered our school for the Great Kindness Challenge. As February draws to a close, we want to thank all families, students and staff for participating in the various activities that helped grow kindness at Larkhall Academy. If you have not had an opportunity to view the CBC article this past week featuring Pink Day at our school you can check it out here

Rycor Accounts - Reminder 

A few weeks ago we sent home some information on Rycor, the software used to send forms to families and collect online payments for such things as band rentals and field trips. To effectively use this, families need to have an account created. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to go to Rycor's NLESD login page and create an account. Once created, you will be able to add your child by entering their Student Number and some other student information (for confidentiality purposes). If you do not know your child’s student number please email

Bus Stops.

We want to remind families who use the bus that you should only be using the stops listed in the route documents available on the NLESD website (available here), and as per their assigned stop in their BusPlanner Web Parent Portal account. Drivers are not permitted to make alterations to stop locations or make additional stops. If you have any questions with bus routes please complete the following form and someone from the NLESD Student Transportation / Busing Division will get back to you. 

Parking at Leary’s Brook

While we  recognize that parking at Larkhall Academy is a challenge at the best of times, we kindly ask that if you are dropping off or picking up your child during the day to not park in the Leary’s Brook parking lot. This is causing an issue for their staff. On behalf of the Leary’s Brook administration and staff we appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this matter. 

This is an archive of announcements that have appeared on the main page. 

June 2022

Items moved from the main page at the end of the year.

Covid 19 - School Resources:

 The Public Health Guidance for Return to School document (January 2022) to guide K-12 in-class instruction.

April 2022

2021 - 2022 School Development Surveys 

School Development Surveys are conducted annually to gather feedback from students, staff, and parents/guardians to inform the school development process. The survey results will be provided to your child’s school and used with other data to identify the school’s strengths and challenges. Your child’s school will then create and implement a plan to build on successes and address areas of challenge.

The survey is anonymous, which means that we cannot connect your survey responses to you. We encourage everyone to participate so that we have the most accurate representation of family perceptions at your school.

Please complete the survey by March 25th, 2022 by clicking on the following link

February 2022

Covid-19 Rapid Test Information 

Instructions for using the kits can be found here.

Here is a great video showing families how to conduct the rapid tests. It is from CBC NL Katie Breen.

January 2022


Thursday is our Weekly Recycling Day. Don’t forget, every 10 items brought in gets a ticket to our prize draw. Please remember we only recycle beverage containers here at the school. Please make sure containers are rinsed and all straws and bottle caps are removed. Click here for more details on our recycling program. 

School Calendar:

Our school calendar has been updated with some important dates for the remainder of the school year.  You can check it out here.

Grade Four Immunizations

Due to the Covid-19 Vaccine for children rollout, immunizations for grade 4 students have been put on hold until the new year. Once we know a new date we will let families know. 


November 2021


We appreciate all the care families have shown by not entering our parking lot during arrival and dismissal to ensure our students are kept safe. We ask families that are dropping off and picking up our students during these times, to not park in the Bus Zone in front of the school. This creates congestion and an unsafe environment for our students. We appreciate your understanding.


If possible, we ask that you include extra face masks with your child which they can keep in a zip-lock bag in their school bag. We have a very limited supply to provide to students should they lose or forget their mask. 


Morning Drop Off
If you are dropping off your child at school in the morning and are walking her / him  to the door, please use the crosswalk located at the intersection of Larkhall Street and Vinnicombe Street. It is monitored by Mr. Conway, our crossing guard, to promote safety. We discourage families from crossing Larkhall Street in front of our main entrance. 

Remembrance Day Video

On behalf of the students and staff we want to offer our gratitude to the people who have served our country in war time and those who have served, and continue to serve, in peace keeping efforts around the world. We want to honour those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy today. 

For the second year in a row, Covid 19 has prevented us from commemorating Remembrance Day as we traditionally have at Larkhall Academy with a student-led assembly, guests from the community and you, our families.

However, we recognize how important it is to remind our students about the significance of this day. This year we have created our second virtual Remembrance Day tribute. We would like to thank Ms. Lee, our music teacher, Ms. Legge, her MUN intern, and the students, staff and members of our school community who contributed to this video.

Lest We Forget 

October 2021

Parent / Guardian Email:

We ask that all parents and guardians have an up to date email address on file, as this will be our primary means of sharing information with you. Please make sure it is updated on the attached demographic form.



By now most of you have probably created your account on the NLESD BusPlanner Parent Portal. While you do not require an account to access busing, provided you are 1.6 km from school, the account will allow you to get detailed information on bus pick-up and drop off times, route updates, etc. You will need your child’s student ID number to create an account which was sent home in June. If you are having trouble creating an account please contact


This year we have three buses

Route 17-155-7 Referred to at school as Red Bus

Route 17-155-5 Referred to at School Yellow Bus

Route 17-155-6 Referred to at school as Blue Bus


Please note that all busing decisions, with the exception of courtesy seats, are made at the NLESD Transportation Division. If you have any concerns about busing you can visit the NLESD Transportation Division website and fill out the following form. The transportation division website has a wealth of information. We encourage all families to review the Safety Video there with your child.


Lunch Drop Offs

Even though we have entered into a reduced alert level, we are still trying to reduce “outside traffic” into our school. Recognizing that mornings can be chaotic, we know that things can come up and things are forgotten. But we do ask that families try to ensure that their children have everything they need before they leave in the morning. 

Dressed for outside

Fresh air and play are two driving factors behind our students’ Social Emotional Well-Being. Please ensure that your child (children) come to school each day prepared for all the weird and wonderful weather that our beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador has to throw our way!


We also ask that you label any personal items belonging to your child/children. It breaks out hearts to see so many items left in the Lost and Found with no home!


Secure School/Lockdowns/Fire drills

Over the weeks to come, classroom teachers will be having discussions and practices with their classes around all 3 of these procedures. It is important that you speak to your child/children about these and stress their importance. 

Knowing what needs to happen in times of stress, helps reduce anxiety around possible incidents that can occur. Our classroom teachers will take great care in their conversations around these topics. 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.


May 2021

COVID - 19 Information

NLESD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - School Reopening  updated frequently

Government of NL  Covid-19 Information

Government of Canada Covid 19 - Updates

Time to Move  - Still On Going - We have surpassed a quarter of million minutes !

A reminder from Mr. Worthman that “It's still time to get moving!”. This school-wide initiative is open to ALL members of our Larkhall family - students, siblings, parents/guardians, relatives, and staff. It's simple! 

Visit Mr. Worthman’s Website and record the time that you are taking part in physical activity each day (including weekends). Time to move! is designed to maintain a sense of connection with our Larkhall families that is inclusive and requires very little of your time. You can add to the total time as often as you like, and watch our minutes grow!  Let’s see how many minutes we can log as a school community by the end of this year.

Parking Lot - Safety Concern

As you all know parking is limited at Larkhall Academy and at arrival and dismissal times there is a fair amount of congestion. We need you to strongly consider the following during arrival and dismissal times. 

Morning Arrival

There is a 15 minute window from 8:30 - 8:45 where students can be dropped off. There is no requirement that says your child has to be at the school by 8:30. That is just when the doors open. 

If you are parking and walking your younger child into the building you should use any empty parking spaces at LBJH or the bus lanes and walk your child across the road at the cross walk which is patrolled by a crossing guard. 

If you are just dropping your child remember that the space immediately in front of the school on Larkhall is a NO PARKING ZONE and you may get ticketed if you stop there. Stopping there especially around 8:30 also interferes with our buses being able to safely park to unload. 

Parking Spaces

Parking spaces next to the school on Vinnicombe Street are reserved for staff parking. We ask that you not park there or block the entrance or exit. District Policy requires all staff to back into the parking spaces so they can drive out in the evening. This is done for safety reasons.

Dismissal Safety Concern

We have noticed over the past few days that people are pulling front on into parking spaces that may be available at the end of the day. Children are picked up and then cars are backing out of the lot as children are leaving the building. This poses a serious safety concern. We ask again that you do not park in these spaces at the end of the day. We will have someone out monitoring the parking lot on Vinicombe Street during dismissal times going forward to ensure student safety.

We have consulted with the City of St. John’s on a “Kiss and Ride” drop off and pick up, however given the nature of the school and roads in the area this is not possible. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions please contact the school. 

Virtual Library Learning Common
Our Virtual Learning Commons is now online. You can check it out here or by following the link to the right. Click here for a quick video tour of the features it has to offer.  A big thank you to our Teacher Librarian, Ms. Harris, for putting this site together. 

This site is designed to engage learners and to promote literacy beyond the four walls of our library. Our goal is to inspire creativity with makerspace activities, as well as further your love of stories, reading, and writing. This VLLC is a tool to help students, teachers and families connect with quality literature and educational resources. Explore, engage, and enjoy!

February 2021

February is Black History Month in Canada

Every February, people in Canada are invited to participate in Black History Month festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians and their communities. The 2021 theme for Black History Month is: "The Future is Now".

“The Future is Now” is a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the transformative work that Black Canadians and their communities are doing now. To learn more click here.

February 3rd 2021 is Winter Walk Day across Canada.  With much success over the years, the entire month of February is now recognized as Winter Walk Month! This is the perfect opportunity for everyone and their families to get outside together and stretch those legs! Walking is the simplest form of exercise and promotes daily physical activity keeping our community healthy and active.

December 2020

December 2

Term One Report Cards were sent home on Tuesday, December 1st. 

Virtual Family-Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday , December 3rd. Students will be dismissed at 12:00 on Thursday.     

Students will be dismissed in the usual order with Walkers and Pick-ups being dismissed at 11:45.

Busing students will start dismissal at approximately 11:50 with all buses leaving the school by 12:00

Just a reminder, that if you have booked a video conference with your child’s teacher, please make sure to click on the link in your schedule at your assigned time.

If you requested a phone call, your child’s teacher will call you at your interview time. Please note, because they are using web based calling, “Unknown Caller” may appear in your caller display. 

Please remember  there will be no lunch served on Thursday.

Click Here To Book Your Family Teacher Interview 

Click here for instructions on setting up your account. 

November 2020

November 11

On Tuesday, the video below was shown to all grades in our school in place of our normal Remembrance Day Celebration. Despite Covid restrictions, such as singing out doors and not being able to gather together as a full school we were still able to celebrate Remembrance Day.  

October 2020

Curriculum Night:  Click here for Curriculum Night Message from Administration along with link to Google Meets

School Busing Update - Courtesy Seats
First of all, On behalf of the NLESD we want to extend our thanks for your patience to any family that was impacted by the changes to busing this year. As of last week, any student who is eligible for busing is now accommodated.

We are now in the process of determining any students who require a courtesy seat. The first step in this process is to see if there are any students with assigned seats who will not be using them this year. See note below. If you are rescinding your seat please complete the following form and submit it to the school, either by email to or send it along with your child to give to their teacher. All opting out forms need to be submitted by Friday, October 2nd.   

 Opting Out Procedure: Schools can accept written documentation from the parent/guardian of an eligible student rescinding (opting out) their seat on the bus to create an extra seat on the school bus that can be allocated by the School Administrator through the Courtesy Seating Protocol. Any such rescission would require the parent/guardian to rescind their seat in writing for the entire school year. The rescinding parent/guardian cannot give their seat to another student of their choosing.

 If you are interested in applying for a Courtesy Seat you can complete the application found here

Please be sure you are familiar with the courtesy seating protocol.  

September 2020

September 29
Click here for a memo that was sent  today concerning :

Busing Update - September 18:  

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is pleased to inform you that service for all normally eligible students (according to Government policy) will start effective Wednesday morning, September 23. For a summary of how eligibility is determined, as well as how bus routes and bus stops are developed, please see the District’s Bus Route & Stop Design Guidelines. You will receive further information on this courtesy seating application process in the near future. Seating plans will be developed for the updated routes at a later date as the focus is on getting service in place for all schools. However, we ask that students continue to follow the general loading procedures as follows:

Please see below  to locate your child's  bus route, bus stop, and pickup/drop-off schedule. 


Even if a student was eligible for transportation on the first day of school and assigned a bus route, please review the updated routes on the website because the student’s bus route and/or pickup/drop off times may have changed with the redesign of bus routes and extra buses.

We ask for your patience as there may be delays to the pickup/dropoff times as we work out any issues that typically arise when new routes are implemented at the beginning of the school year.

September 14:  

Please check with your child for a memo and forms that were sent home today. Please complete and return to your child's teacher at your earliest convenience. 

September 10, 2020

Welcome Back: The staff of Larkhall Academy want to welcome all families back to the start of a new school year.  Thanks to your support our first day back went very well. Please bear with us as we continue to sort out the logistics of a safe return to school.  

If you have moved, changed your phone number or email please contact the office at 722-7012  to ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information for you. This simple task is now more important than ever.

March 2020

Covid-19 Resources for Families: These are difficult times and your child may be scared and confused with all the information about Covid-19 they encounter on a daily basis. To help you help your child navigate and understand some of this information please visit the Resources for Families section of the Common Sense Website.

September 2019

We regret to inform members of our school community that the Larkhall App we have used for several years is no longer available. This was one of many ways we shared information from the school. It was quick and easy and enjoyed by most of our families.  Going forward information will be communicated by School Messenger (which can use, voice, email and text), as well as on our website, Twitter account as well as paper memos and newsletters. We apologize to those who used the app on a regular basis however this decision was out of our hands as the developer no longer supports the app. 

To ensure you get all school messages it is important for the school to have your current contact information. If there have been changes to the information we have on file, please let us know.

June 2019

March 2019

Annual School Development Surveys  -- Deadline Extended to March 29th

Each year the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development conduct online surveys to gather feedback from students, staff, and parents/guardians to inform the school development process.  Click here for more information.  

Click here to see some of Larkhall's results for the previous 2 years. 

February 2019

February 4-8 is Canadian School Counselors Week. It’s set aside to recognize all the the things school counselors do to support students, families, teachers and support staff. There are many things that counselors do that are done behind the scenes that we often don’t know about. So on behalf of all the people you serve I want to wish Ms. Castella a Happy School Counselor’s Week. 

January 2019

The Roar

The latest edition of the Roar is now available. Thanks to our Grade two teacher, Ms. Rose, and her grade 5 team of writers for putting this together. Click here to read about what has been happening at Larkhall in November and December.  This and other editions of the Roar can be accessed on the "For Parents" navigation menu. 

December 2018

Christmas Concert

Thanks to every one who came out to our Christmas concert, " On With the Snow" on Thursday evening featuring our grade one and two students.   Thanks to Ms. Lee and all the staff who helped the students get ready for the show. There is still time to order your DVD copy of the show. Just drop by the school to fill out an order form before our Christmas Break. 

Christmas Craft Fair

Thanks to all the vendors and customers who supported our first Christmas Craft Fair.  A big thank you to parent volunteers Cindy Newell and Pam Mootrey who organized the fair.   Click here to see a list of vendor prize table draws. 

Website update 

A section for school memos has been added to the "For Parents" drop down menu. Memos sent home from the office will be archived here. 

Evening Parent / Guardian - Teacher Interviews rescheduled.

All evening parent/guardian - teacher meetings that were scheduled after 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 6th were cancelled. They are rescheduled for Tuesday, December. 11th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. There is no need to register again using OPTIS as your child’s teacher will be in touch to reschedule a new appointment time   

School Announcements by Text  

You can take advantage of our Text Messaging Service. Our school utilizes the School Messenger system to deliver text messages, straight to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and etc. Click here to learn more

November 2018

Drug Awareness Presentation Cancelled

The RNC Drug Awareness Presentation for families with children ages 6 - 16  scheduled for Thursday, November 29th at 7:00 pm  at Leary’s Brook Jr. High has been cancelled due to  insufficient pre-registration numbers.   

New School Website

Welcome to our new School Website. The intent is to make it a more streamlined viewing experience which displays equally well across devices and platforms.  There will be more information and features added over the coming weeks. Our old website will remain active for the duration of this school year as we transition to the new site. 

Fall Dance

We will be having a school dance for ALL students on Friday, November 23rd. The Kindergarten to Grade 2 dance will be from 6:00-7:00 and the Grades 3-5 dance will be 7:30-9:00. Tickets are $5 each and will go on sale Tuesday, November 13th. A memo will be sent home later this week highlighting important information.

On Thursday, November 29th at 7:00 pm there will be a presentation at Leary’s Brook Jr. High for parents and guardians of children ages 6-16. 

A Parent's Guide To Prevention - Helping your children grow and develop.

If you are interesting in attending you must pre-register by calling Leary’s Brook at 726-9889 to confirm your attendance. This presentation is being offered in partnership with Leary’s Brook Jr. High, Larkhall Academy, the RNC and Gary Summers.

First Term Report Cards 

The first term of the 2018 - 2019 school year officially ends on Friday, November 23rd. Reports cards will be distributed on Thursday, November 29th and Family- Teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, December 6th. Please note: Students will be dismissed at 12:00 on December 6th. 

Families will be able to book a time meet with your child’s teacher using OPTIS (Online Parent-Teacher Interview System ) starting on Monday, November 26th.

Upcoming Professional Development Day

On Friday, December 7th staff will be participating in in a professional learning day. Please note: there will be no classes for Larkhall students on this day.

Christmas Craft Fair

Larkhall will be hosting its first ever Christmas Craft Fair with a variety of vendors. Save the date and do your Christmas shopping on Saturday, December 8th.