Larkhall Academy

Mission Statement

Larkhall Academy is a safe, nurturing and inviting learning community that fosters the growth of the whole child in the pursuit of individual excellence. Community cooperation and staff professionalism will empower our learners to be contributing members of society.


NLESD News Release - Possible School Reopening Monday

Please click here for to read the NLESD Release issued on Friday, January 24th concerning school reopening on Monday.

School Lunch Program

If you child uses the School Lunch Program please be advised that there will no service the first few days when school reopens. This has to do with getting supplies delivered and assessing any spoiled food on site due to power outages.

Children are asked to bring a packed lunch (one that does not require heating for the first two days when school reopens). More details to follow.

Grade 6 ICF

Here is the link to register your child for Grade 6 ICF. An email and memo was sent to all grade 5 families with more information. If you never received it please contact the school.

Upcoming Events